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Our Stories

As Melanie and Jason answered her questions, the counselor drew a genogram of their families.  The genogram revealed three generations of women who had been unfaithful to their husbands in the Jason’s family. In Melanie’s family, the eldest son for four generations were domestic violence abusers. By understanding the history in their families, the engaged couple minimized their chances of…

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Our Process

Roots Matter offers information, instruction and opportunities for healing by asking these questions: How is trauma set in motion and passed down in cultural, family and personal history? What factors contribute to resilience and resistance? How was resilience and resistance sustained through generations in cultural, family, and personal history? How are resilience and resistance sustained today? Roots Matter offers instruction…

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Our Philosophy

The Sankofa, a West African Adinkra symbol, is the image of a bird whose body is heading in one direction and whose head is turned in the opposite direction. The image is interpreted to mean, “We cannot go forward without first looking back to our past to understand how we have gotten to where we are.” If we can understand…

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