Healing History, Honoring Heritage and Renewing Hope.

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Shared historical trauma disrupts the lives of families even to this day. Roots Matter leads participants on a journey to mend, heal and strengthen themselves, their families and their communities.


1800FamilyMah016A copyUnderstanding the Purpose…

By studying historical trauma from different times and cultures, our goal is to help you to

  • First, recognize and break patterns of negative behavior and attitudes that have been passed down in your family caused by traumatic events;
  • Second, to point out the good, helpful and practical ways your family has overcome these circumstances and continues to succeed; and
  • Finally, to offer an environment of support and sharing.

Using the genogram, a family tree that maps out family history, we explore your family story. We gather information from your family and cultural history and study how these stories and events shape you and your family’s personal, spiritual and physical well-being. Knowing your history can answer many questions and cast relationships in a new light.

A healing ceremony will offer you the opportunity to grieve the losses of your ancestors and celebrate the strength, creativity and talents of the survivors. These gifts and talents can then be intentionally shared to encourage and inspire current and future generations.



Through this process we:

  • Gain understanding of the lasting effects of  trauma
  • Recognize the importance of family and cultural history and how history influences the present
  • Appreciate the resiliency of the human spirit and the healing power of faith and prayer
  •  Participate in a healing service that mourns losses, and celebrates the achievements of families and communities



„I am a social worker with a background in post traumatic stress disorder. As such, I am able to fairly easily connect traumatic experiences to behavior and family patterns. What was an eye opener for me is the ancestral trauma that many of us are still carrying around based, not on stories about slavery, but due to the actual experiences that our ancestors had. In other words, I unknowingly carry around the trauma experienced by my grandmother that she never even talked about. “

Participant, LP