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Roots Matter is for individuals who want to 1) liberate their family from patterns of negative behavior and attitudes as a result of trauma that has been passed down through the generations, 2) celebrate the accomplishments and talents in their families and 3) have an opportunity to understand and heal family relationships.

Other audiences that would find Roots Matter helpful include but are not limited to those who work with or for families such as: church groups, clergy, chaplains, pastoral counselors, seminary students, psychologists, social workers, judges, correction officers, lawyers, health care professionals, teachers, youth leaders, policy makers, historians and genealogists.


We look forward to being a part of your journey.



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„My prayers are now more clearly directed for my family now.  When I see the pattern being manifested, I pray for the breaking of the bond/pattern and for healing the woundedness. “

Participant, Elnora Allen