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Roots Matter encounters include readings, discussions, hands-on exercises, meditations, genogram activities and more.  Programs can be tailored to meet your individual need.


Options for groups – congregations, family reunions, Bible study groups, genealogy groups, etc. — include:

  • Introductory presentations
  • Half-day workshops
  • Full-day workshops
  • Six-week series of hour-long classes
  • Six-week series of two hour-long classes
  • One- and two-day weekend retreats


Program Objectives:

The Roots Matters’ program objectives are to: a) understand the lasting effects of trauma; b) recognize the importance of family and cultural history and how it influences the present; c) appreciate the resiliency of the human spirit and the healing power of faith and prayer; d) participate in a healing service that mourns the losses and celebrates the achievements in our families and communities.



„My relationship and discussions with my son have shifted.  He and many of his friends have grown up without the presence of their father and information from this class helps me to explain possible generational trauma which could have contributed to their scarred behaviors. “

Participant, RW